A five-day, onsite visit is designed to help an existing church celebrate its strengths and strengthen areas of weakness. During that visit, the Bensons come alongside the pastor in a strategic partnership. Surveys, questionnaires, interview formats, and diagnostic tools are tailored to the church. A series of interviews are conducted with a variety of leaders and lay members chosen by the pastor with a focus on discovering their view of the strengths and weaknesses of the church. The bulk of the time, however, is spent in intensive meetings with the pastor and spouse. A confidential, comprehensive report and interview summary with proposed strategy and recommendations are presented to the pastor after the onsite visit.

Most pastors receiving the Five-Day Onsite Evaluation elect to continue the coaching relationship over the following 12-month period in order to maximize development potential. The recommendations are often extensive and provide a pathway to healthy advancement over a period of at least a year or more.

Implementing change can often be sensitive and merits ongoing coaching. Wisdom and experience can help provide the energy and strategy for change. Many pastors elect to continue the coaching relationship well beyond this first year. Some pastors request the coaching relationship as a stand-alone ministry, apart from the onsite evaluation.

Wayne and Kathy have experience in assisting churches and their board or leadership team in making pastoral changes, whether that of a Lead Pastor or other high-profile leaders. Providing interim pastoral leadership or guiding a church through the transition process, the Bensons have a proven track record of success as a pastoral team and as leadership coaches.

Many ministers are faced with difficult challenges and find little comfort in a “safe place” where they can share their burdens candidly with someone experienced in specialized counseling for ministers. Having served as President & CEO of EMERGE Ministries, a premier counseling center specializing in helping ministry families, Wayne and Kathy have walked with many ministers on their journey back to strength and vitality.