(for both Elders and Deacons)

Included: Intro letter, index, 5 hours of video teaching, & student PowerPoint

  • Overview of Leadership
  • Guarding the Gates of Our Integrity
  • Building the Bridge of Trust
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Governance in the Body
  • Organization and Operation

Included: Intro letter, index, 5 hrs – video, student Powerpoint & notes

  • Introduction, Review and Overview
  • The Deaconate
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Leadership
  • The Commissioning
  • Deacon Duties
  • Conflict Resolution

          ELDERSHIP MODULE $40
          Included: Intro letter, index, 10 hrs – video, student Powerpoint notes, quizzes-keys

          • Introduction to Pastoral Care
          • Spiritual Qualifications for Pastoral Counseling
          • Boundaries
          • Basic Counseling Skills
          • Biblically Based Counseling
          • Navigating Ministry Pitfalls
          • Divine Intervention and Divine Process
          • Spiritual Warfare
          • Taming the Wild Horses
          • Dealing with Anger
          • Managing Fear
          • Finding the Way out of Depression
          • The Healing of Memories
          • Overcoming Rejection

          COMPLETE SET $90
          Basic Deacon & Elder Training, Deacon Module, Elder Module, Videos, Student Powerpoint Notes & Quizzes

          Leadership Training for both Deacons and Elders

          Video Modules are delivered on USB drives and easily accessible on any computer. Student powerpoint presentation and notes are also included. USB drives are shipped priority mail for a flat rate of $5.

          During our consultation, we discovered we were uneasy about the future. In the pre-visit inventory, I’m sure my answers about vision for the future seems vague. Likewise during the interviews with members of the congregation, the people seemed uneasy or worried that we might leave. Thank you for helping us see that this was a church with a wonderful future. We were so battle weary from our first years of existence we had lost her vision. Paraclete helped us move forward with renewed confidence.

          Founding Pastor, Indiana

          Definitely a reward time for me and my staff.

          Sr. Pastor, Florida
          During our onsite visit, the Bensons helped me rediscover my first love for the church and sharpen my focus for the next five years. The results is a new energy and excitement about the future.
          Lead Pastor, Alabama

          For the length of time you were with us, you picked up very quickly on where we were and what we needed to do.

          Sr. Pastor, California

          We appreciate the great job you did. Keep up the great work!

          Lead Pastor, Ohio

          As a part of our on-site visit, Pastor Benson provided a deacon retreat. During the tree he was able to encourage our deacons with ways that I can better demonstrate their commitment to their pastors. The church had allowed our entire pastoral staff to four will be home with the church could afford to pay them. My wife and I hadn’t been on a real vacation in over a decade. The pastoral staff was headed for serious burn out in a church that had ample history and resources to do better. The coaching week not only resulted in renewed vision and strategy for me, but also in pay raises and renewed commitment by the leader ship to care for the pastoral staff. As a bonus, my wife and I were provided some much-needed vacation time.

          Sr. Pastor, Michigan